Another Award Show!

Billboard Awards 2018

For those of you who don’t know, the Billboard Music Awards celebrates the music business and gives awards to musical artists in a variety of areas such as top artist, new artist, Top Billboard 100 & 200 artist just to name a few. The awards show took place in Las Vegas and Kelly Clarkson hosted. The Billboards have been around since 1990. I’m not one to watch 2-3 hours of awards/entertainment but you know I watched the red carpet on E!

This year I was a bit disappointed with the red carpet. It seemed that the entertainers were dressing in different directions. The fashions were all over the place! Some were spot on and others well you look. I pulled some examples. While each entertainer had good points for example, hair makeup, etc. Basically the red carpet was a bust! Check out the fashions below and drop a comment in the box.



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