The Red Carpet Geek Returns: Grammys 2019

You know the Grammys come around every year and the people who love and follow fashion are going to check out the red carpet and the red carpet didn’t disappoint this year! There were some weird costumes and outfits but my 4 picks were quite tame for the music business. I felt the gowns were figure flattering and color choices were good ones. Sometimes Lady Gaga goes way out but since she’s being seen as a serious actor lately I noticed she’s toned down her clothing choices. What did you think of my choices? Put your opinion in the comments section.

From left to right: Toni Braxton, Dua Lipa, Lady Gaga and Jada Pinkett-Smith

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My honorable mention goes to Cardi B who while she had on what I would consider a costume, looked really elegant. By the way, I watched pieces of the show and Cardi’s performance was flawless. I’m not necessarily a fan but you have to give compliments when they are due. The show overall was moderately entertaining. Really when it comes to awards, I’m only interested in the red carpet.

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