Fake is upgraded: It’s Faux Fur Now

Faux fur is popular again. What I have learned is that there are responsible ways that are government-mandated to breed animals for food and the fur industry. While PETA sanctions faux fur, many of the manufactured furs are created from non-biodegradable chemical based synthetics. Is there any manufacturing that is done considering our planet?? We as a country have to look more into how products are made because taking care of our environment should be a #1 priority. I am sure there are more responsible ways to create faux fur.


The fur is not as warm as the real thing but both jackets keep me warm. I’ve included what younger women are wearing as well as what I selected. I’m a “pants girl” so I lean towards jackets but there are plenty faux fur coats as well. I have two (2). The black one comes from Zara and the burgundy ones comes from the sales rack at Lord & Taylor. I find them extremely comfortable and versatile. I can wear them with jeans as you see here or wear them for more formal events.

-By the way the hat comes from Zara.-



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