Is it Spring yet?? 6 Looks to Consider

I always loved spring; the problem is we really don’t get spring weather anymore. The last few days gave me that “spring vibe” so I think that’s a good thing! In terms of clothes the designers showed their collections months ago. Now that those fashions have been in the stores since January or February, I think most of us are ready to look at what’s being offered for the season. The looks you see below are that trends that I believe “we” meaning over 40 year olds can fit into our fashion comfort zone.

  1. White on white is always a clean look and very versatile. 2. Neon is ageless it can add a pop to any outfit whether you just use it as an accessory or as part of an outfit. 3. Pink/red combinations, which will be fun to play with. 4. Dark denim sets need no explanation. 5. Animal prints-either you love them or hate them! And finally 5. Ruching (pronounced roo-shing) many women feel they can’t wear this style but I beg to differ! It’s a style that works from sizes 8-28. The gathering is very forgiving. While it usually looks like nothing on the hanger, I suggest you try it on and get a pleasant surprise!

There are more Google them if you dare! I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments area.


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