Spring 2020-9 Shoe Trends That We’ve Seen Before

This COVID-19 just didn’t make me hopeful I could go out and do anything this spring-summer. But lately there are reports that there is a flattening of the virus in NY. Being older, “staying in place” becomes a reality in staying alive. 

When I looked at the spring-summer shoe trends for 2020 I really didn’t see anything new.  Fashion is cyclical and if you live long enough, you’re bound to see the item again.  Usually designers are charged with taking what was and giving it a fresh new slant.  Unfortunately, the shoes I saw are pretty much the way I remembered them.  There are some styles I’m willing to dust off and wear again and others I say to myself,” I wore that a long time ago- never again!” The sneakers and espadrilles are summer staples.  I’m not sure about the chain and jewelry features.  The Mary Jane’s and heeled loafers don’t fit into my current lifestyle since I’m retired.  Thong sandals are a yearly inclusion. The truth is I spend most days in the summer in flat sandals even when I was working.  All the shoes/sandals below are great for women over 40.  The truth is we can wear just about anything.  It just depends on how you put the pieces together.  Once the weather makes a stable change, I will post pictures of how I put the summer trends together and show my flat sandal collection!

Now what are your feelings about these summer shoe trends? I would love for you to share your thoughts

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