Fashion over 40: Is That Outfit Age Appropriate?

Happy New Year! I’m back. The pandemic really had me down but with the development of the vaccine I’ve become hopeful. 

When you reach 40 you want to select clothing that doesn’t make you look like you’re trying too hard.  You ask yourself: is that for me? Is that age appropriate? Once you arrive at 50+ and 60+, that question becomes more apparent.  The great thing about fashion today is age doesn’t really matter anymore.  If you feel good in the outfit and it fits well, you can go for it.  I usually watch younger women to gauge if it’s something I won’t feel comfortable in.  For example: If neon is in, I only use just a touch of it.  The trends that I feel have a younger look or appeal I will try to figure out how I can make it work for me. With the pandemic, athleisure and loungewear has become very popular.  Since I’m 60+ That’s my work wear! Below you will see examples of how I style athletic wear.  I usually like to stick with two companies when buy clothing.  That way the outfit has a continuity.  Currently, I’m a Nike & Adidas girl.  I stay away from large branding outfits and select those that have a small logo on them in one place.  I believe it gives a more mature look.  I try not to select bold colors sticking mainly with earth tones, black or white. 

But what I discovered is there is a large variety of athletic wear and there is much to choose from.  It’s worth consideration.  I hope the clothing I selected inspires you!

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